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Image by Stacy Barnes

The Goal

Our founder created Grounded in Herbs with one goal in mind: provide a holistic approach to grounding the mind, body and soul starting from the inside.

The Inspiration 

We strive to inspire, educate and provide opportunities to create and sustain a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Grounded in Herbs is truly inspired by the seven pillars of self-care.

Image by Heather Barnes

The Founder

Hi, I am Torey Andrews (she/her/hers)! I founded Grounded in Herbs out of pure passion for whole-body wellness. As a licensed mental health clinician and a life coach, I’ve been working with adults, children and families in addressing their physical, mental and emotional concerns.


My life's work is focused on cultivating health and well-being by using tools to alleviate stress, build a stronger sense of self-worth, facilitate personal growth & self-empowerment. Creating Grounded in Herbs is no different. The goal is to continue to promote whole-body health and well-being using a holistic approach. I believe a holistic approach is just as important as a scientific approach and that the two can work together, peacefully.

Thank you for visiting the website and we hope you enjoy!


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